There may be an upside to Facebook birthdays. They remind us how easy it is to be brief and polite online.
An interview isn't just a story about a conversation, it's an opportunity to readjust your perspective.
I took up letter writing years ago for reasons I'll explain but making someone decrypt your handwriting is a strange leisure activity.
Heading back into local journalism is satisfying if a little depressing.
I'm starting to think shouting at people might not work
And I don't have a very satisfying response
Being in the absolute right can make people a lot less empathetic
Plus! Day Drinking on Delmarva Returns
And other questions about what we all "really" believe
Marketing a true-crime story about reptilian overlords is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I spend a lot of time assuring people that this book…
I’m not nuts about living in a world where people are expected to have a considered opinion on everything at the ready. 
Plus, a Love Song to Sherry Shriner