The Norfolk Southern derailment in Delmar, Md. was the first piece of breaking news I ever covered. It was sobering.
Maybe we've bullied the semi-literate over the edge. Picking a new reality is easy when you're always wrong in this one.

February 2023

Hoover's GospelListen now (10 min) | How the FBI director built a White Christian Nationalist Army
Hoover institutionalized Christian White Nationalism into law enforcement in a way that carries on today.
I want to tell you this story about Mr. Coke.

December 2022

Choosing a different own abyss to shout into

November 2022

Better Than James PattersonListen now (10 min) | I wanted to talk about accepting that being a white guy no longer is the only qualification you need. Then James Patterson started…
A tearless goodbye to television
Eventually, the gift to yourself becomes a burden for your decedents

October 2022

I hate to start with apologies and excuses, but it has been just about three months. An explanation is in order. Back in April or May I started having…

June 2022

But I do have a consistent answer to "What's Your Favorite Song?"
Once I picked up my first found toy, salvage became a bigger part of my life than I would have guessed.