The Missing Link Between Cryptozoology and the Dogecoin Cryptocurrency

New book news, conspiracy theory stories, and Eastern Shore advertorial magazines

After struggling on the subtitle nearly as long as I struggled on the book, I found one that fit. The final title is Dragged Into the Light: Truthers, Reptilians, Super Soldiers and Death Inside an Online Cult. I’ll share the release date the moment I have it.

What was difficult about the subtitle is the same thing that was difficult about the book. I have too much convoluted information I’m trying to share in too short a span. What’s even tougher is that there is so much crazy that it distracts from the larger point.

This week I’d like to share two stories from Sherry Shriner’s world. One was a story about the Bigfoot Chewies who lived near Sherry’s house, and the other is a look into how and why conspiracy cult members are attracted to cryptocurrencies.

The stories are both about twisting reality deftly enough for it to accommodate a fantasy world.

Speaking of a fantasy world

This week’s Day Drinking on Delmarva podcast took a wild left turn as my cohost Todd DeHart and I talked about the local “Best Of” competitions held by advertorial magazines.

If you’re not familiar, I hate to be the one to break it to you but the “Voted Best” moniker is rarely “voted” or “best.” It’s like a weird club that advertisers join and then can’t reasonably extricate themselves from.

We stream live 1 p.m.-ish Wednesday afternoons on the Good Clean Fun Life Facebook and YouTube pages, but you can subscribe to the podcast here.

I can’t stop myself from talking about beer

This is odd to say, but I keep wanting to close up shop on the Beer With Strangers podcast because I don’t write about beer professionally anymore. Still, the new show format, talking to people who write about beer history or beer travel, is insanely satisfying.

In this week’s show I talk to beer historian Doug Hoverson about his book, The Drink That Made Wisconsin Famous. Listen and subscribe here.

My Clubhouse experience:

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before it turns awful, but I’m on Clubhouse (@bytonyrusso) if you’re interested in joining me there. It’s like a well-moderated internet chat room and an old-time party line combined.

So far there have been some great conversations and honest and adult disagreements. It’s like people don’t know they’re on the internet so they’re civil.

I’m working on hosting weekly conversations about pre-selected topics. Reach out here if you want to know more.