My Nearly Tragically-Timed Protest

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In the days before Cpl. Keith Heacook was beaten to death while on duty, I had been planning a minor, petty law enforcement protest. Several years ago, as a means of generating revenue, Delmar (the town where I live) allowed a public safety corporation to install a speed trap on the commuter route into and out of town. In exchange for half of the revenue, Delmar turned over a section of town to this company to patrol.

I’m going to be blunt, here: All speed cameras are disgusting and all towns that have them are run by greedy cowards.

Unfortunately, the wind kept blowing over the camera so the town decided to upgrade to one that is cemented in place.

My planned prank was to erect a political yard sign that would obstruct the camera’s view. I was working on a list of things to write as the signs were inevitably removed. I won’t repeat them but they questioned whether Delmar valued law and order or just not having to pay police.

I’m so thankful that I procrastinated because as it turned out, I’d have something a little more serious to say in the wake of Heacook’s murder.

Setting aside the horror of the event, I have to say how incredibly proud I was of my neighbors for their outpouring. Within a week of the accident, they’d coordinated a massive fundraising event for the family. It was touching to see.

My worry is that this burst of support will be just that and that, as the grief passes, we will miss any chance at reconsidering what we ask of our police and what they expect of us.

And Now a Hard Right

Good day. My name is Tony Russo and I always have been snarky about business people and hustlers in general. As a result, I can’t transition very well into a sales pitch and even if I did my sales pitch would be absolute garbage. So we’ll skip the smooth transition and get right to the awkward pitch.

My publisher is giving away digital copies of Dragged Into the Light: Truthers, Reptilians, Super Soldiers, and Death Inside an Online Cult on GoodReads.

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The hope is that people will read and review it. If you’re on GoodReads and are disposed to reviewing the book, please do. If it turns out you don’t like it, I won’t mind, but I’ve gotta be honest, I think it’s a pretty good book and I think you might think so too.

I’m innoculated, so you know

The official release date is May 25 (although we’re taking preorders here) and I plan to do a streamed reading to celebrate. My book launch is still set for 11 a.m. Saturday, June 5 at The Greyhound Bookstore in Berlin. I’ll have more details about that in the coming weeks. But if you feel safe to come out, I’d be really happy to see you there.