In which I win a writing award and am forced to admit how happy that makes me.
Dragged Into the Light: Audiobook Sample
And how hard should we root for them?
Spoilers: It's me
Everybody is somebody’s villainListen now (12 min) | There are two sides to every story, and each side has a bad guy. One of them is probably you. 
Getting back on the writing horse was harder than I made out, but I've got a bunch of cool stories I'm getting ready to tell, and a couple that I've…
The Masters of the Lingering DeathListen now (14 min) | Faith, Brotherhood, and the New York Mets
Empathizing with Conspiracy TheoristsConspiracy theory people aren’t nuts. They’re just folks who think they’re right in the same way you think you’re right. Still, it’s getting harder and…
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A Bagel Manifesto